The NBA playoff series is on fire; each team is giving everything for each game regardless of whether they are ahead or behind in the series to the best of 7. Today night, The San Antonio Spurs manage to beat The Houston Rockets in an incredible overtime non-cardiac showdown. The series was tied to two by the side, so the adrenaline was present throughout the game.

The Spurs were favorites for the fact of playing at home. However, the game was very high pressure for both teams especially for The homeowners, who were in some trouble, because the Rockets kept the game on the line, despite having been playing on the road away from home.

The game

Danny Green and his teammate Manu Ginobili were the heroes of the game. Green scored seven of his 16 points in the overtime, at the end of which Ginobili provided a key cover, and the San Antonio Spurs beat the Houston Rockets 110-107 on Tuesday in a very tight game. The Spurs overcame Kawhi Leonard's injury loss and took the lead 3-2 in this second-round playoff series.

Kawhi Leonard had an incredible night

Despite leaving the game with an injury, Leonard had 22 points and 15 rebounds in 38 minutes, before leaving the field with a right ankle injury. The star struck James Harden accidentally with 5:37 minutes remaining from the third period, and played only a few more moments, before losing the overtime.

Harden could not save his team this time

Harden had 33 points, ten rebounds, and ten assists. In the final seconds of the stretch, he had the opportunity to tie the duel with a triple, but then Ginóbili appeared, blocking the shot from behind. The Argentine also contributed 12 points, seven rebounds, and five assists.

The over time

Neither team could score at the start of the overtime. Patrick Beverley hit a three-pointer with two minutes remaining to clinch the first overtime berth giving his team an advantage by 104-101. However, that advantage did not last long. Green gave the lead to San Antonio with a triple. He then made a three-point play that put the score at 109-107 with 30.1 seconds left.

And in the final stretch, he made a free kick for San Antonio to preserve the advantage.

Two controversial plays closed the regular time with the match equaled to 101. A missing foul to Harden, as he advanced towards the basket in front of Jonathon Simmons. The Spurs did not manage to shoot in time in their last possession since the triple of Patty Mills was invalidated by considering that had entered after the honk.