The Utah Jazz have a huge task ahead of them this summer, to try and keep Gordon Hayward, who will become an unrestricted Free Agent. The Jazz are hopeful that the 27-year-old star will stay with them after a rather successful season, but other markets may actively pursue him and entice him with money and a better chance of winning.

Los Angeles Lakers

Obviously, the Los Angeles Lakers wouldn’t be able to offer Hayward the chance of winning, which may force him to avoid L.A. However, the Lakers have plenty of money to use this offseason and would offer Hayward more spotlight.

In addition, they may sway Hayward by promising other superstars, such as Paul George and Blake Griffin. The Lakers are a big market team, and now that they are under new management that is willing to spend and quickly retool, they could perhaps finally entice a star player or two.

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat are one of two teams that are expected to aggressively pursue Gordon Hayward this summer. The Heat are prepared to potentially lose Dion Waiters and James Johnson to bring in a star to play alongside Hassan Whiteside and Goran Dragic. Nonetheless, there is a slight possibility that the Heat can bring a star player while still maintaining at least Waiters. They can maybe find a new home for Josh McRoberts and find a way to erase Chris Bosh’s contract.

Whatever the case may be, the Heat could offer cash and a chance at winning in an inferior Eastern Conference.

Utah Jazz

Staying in Utah would be the reasonable option for Hayward. The one-time All-Star seems like a loyal guy and is probably very happy with the team’s development. Last year, they missed the playoffs, but this year they notched a top-five record and advanced to the second round.

They made a huge jump and are only getting better. A longer guaranteed deal and the chance at redemption in Utah may be enough to convince him to stay. He is beginning to build a legacy with the Jazz and should stay to please the loyal fans and his teammates.

Boston Celtics

On the contrary, if Hayward wants to get paid, be with a big market team, and have the best chance at winning, he should go to the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics have been desperately seeking a wing player since the trade deadline and have a sufficient chance of landing Hayward, who would be an excellent fit under Brad Stevens. The Celtics captured the first seed in the East behind Isaiah Thomas and have once again become an attractive market. Adding Hayward to the mix may put them in contention with the Cleveland Cavaliers.