Thursday afternoon the All-NBA Teams were announced. Many people you expected to be on the roster made the cut, while some other players weren't on the list to many people's surprise. The roster is never a perfect puzzle, as people will have their opinions and always go to war for the player they want to be represented on the team. The All-NBA Teams have a lot on the line for certain players, as under the new CBA, if a player makes the roster their team can offer them much more money than their competition, which can impact whether the player stays or moves to a different team.

Some players missed the cut and now will Pay The Price for missing All-NBA.

Pay the price

One player who will be affected the most by missing the cut is Pacers forward Paul George. George missed the cut being the fifth person off the list. He received 40 total votes, but none of those were first-place votes. Paul George is in a hard spot right now as he is still under contract with Indiana, but there are rumors about him wanting out. The Pacers have failed to put a good enough team around George to make them contenders for a title, and their time is almost up.

If George made the All-NBA roster, the Pacers could've offered him $70-75 million more than other teams to convince George to stay with them.

Now that he won't be eligible for that money, the Pacers front office now has to make some moves to show that they are committed to getting a better team around Paul George. There have been trade rumors around George, and many teams are calling and asking about what Indiana would want for the star forward.

Looking elsewhere

Gordon Hayward is another player who is missing out some money after failing to make the All-NBA team.

Hayward only notched 27 total votes and none of them being first place votes. Hayward misses out on a $207 million deal that Utah could've offered him this offseason. Hayward was the Jazz leading scorer this season and helped them get into the playoffs as a fifth seed. Hayward is going to look at his options this offseason, as he will likely elect to test the free agency market.

The Jazz might've just lost their player of the future because he failed to make an All-NBA Team.

There are many other players who miss out on signing max deals. The Clippers won't be able to sign Chis Paul or Blake Griffin to supermax deals since they failed to make the roster. DeMarcus Cousins also misses out on a big deal. The media who voted for the All-NBA team might've just determined a few teams futures, and it seems a little unfair. But the media are the best ones to do this, as there is no bias involved compared to if players and coaches voted. What will the future hold for Paul George and many others who won't be getting that supermax contract?