After every NBA regular season, people of the media gather and vote on who should make the All-NBA teams. This is divided into three teams: the first team, second team, and third team. These teams are always up for debate after they are released and this year is no different. The All-NBA teams have to follow the setup of a traditional basketball lineup, which means there must be two guards, two forwards and a center. This makes it harder for players who deserve to be on the roster to miss the cut. This season has more on the line than some players, as making the team will result in huge paydays.

With the rosters being released, let's look at them.

The First is the best

The All-NBA First Team:

  • Guard - Russell Westbrook
  • Guard - James Harden
  • Forward - LeBron James
  • Forward - Kawhi Leonard
  • Center - Anthony Davis

James Harden was the only unanimous selection for All-NBA first team. Russell Westbrook caps off his amazing triple-double record-breaking season with an All-NBA nod. LeBron James notches his 11th All-NBA first team selection which has him tied with Kobe Bryant and Karl Malone for the most all-time. Kawhi Leonard continues to quietly dominate grabbing another All-NBA selection. Anthony Davis gets his second first team selection. Many thought Westbrook should be the unanimous pick, but people must appreciate James Harden's season more, getting the unanimous first team selection.

Second team love

The All-NBA second team is quite interesting:

  • Guard - Stephen Curry
  • Guard - Isaiah Thomas
  • Forward - Kevin Durant
  • Forward - Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Center - Rudy Gobert

The second team has the new found star Isaiah Thomas nabbing his first All-NBA selection, as he is the engine that runs the Celtics. Kevin Durant lands yet another All-NBA selection, though he didn't believe he should be placed with the second team.

He said he should've been on the first team, but did acknowledge that the people who vote on this list have a hard task in front of them on nobody will be happy. Giannis Antetokounmpo and Rudy Gobert are two new young stars making the list, both becoming the focal point of their team's success.

Third team stacked

The All-NBA Third Team is stacked:

  • Guard - John Wall
  • Guard - DeMar DeRozan
  • Forward - Draymond Green
  • Forward - Jimmy Butler
  • Center - DeAndre Jordan

DeAndre Jordan makes the list, but that might be because the needed to fill that spot with a center.

Jordan is great on defense, but his offense is limited to lobs and dunks in the paint. It's been working for this long so if it ain't broke don't fix it. DeMarcus Cousins could've taken that spot, but his off the court antics and abundance of technical fouls might've hurt his chances. John Wall makes the list, even in a strong guard class. Slasher DeMar DeRozan gets a nod, making sure Canada is represented, Jimmy Butler squeezes on the list, despite a challenging season with the Bulls.

The All-NBA team isn't always the perfect roster. Some players should be on and some should be off. This is a debate topic whenever it is released, and this year it might be talked about the most in a while. Some players who made it can expect big paydays, while the one who didn't lose out on millions of dollars.

But the NBA is a league with many stars, so somebody is bound to be left off. The roster may be complete, but the debate is never over.