Paul George of the Indiana Pacers is in the middle of helping his team make the final playoff push. They currently hold the seventh spot in the East, and they need a win in order to clinch their place. Paul George has stepped up late in the year, carrying the scoring load and propelling their team to victories over some tough opponents. What might concern Paul George, even more, is the All-NBA team votes. Paul George is one of those players who are on the edge of being All-NBA team, and that decision is up to the media. If the press votes him to an All-NBA team, he could in for a huge payday with Indiana, which might influence him to stay.

All-NBA Payday

Paul George is averaging 23.6 points per game and leads his team with 1.56 steals per game as well. He didn't start off the season well, but as the season made the final turn, he has been almost unstoppable. Since the start of March, he has scored seven more points per game and shooting a better shooting percentage since the calendar turned March. With the season ending this week, the All-NBA teams will be selected, and this will be a huge factor in George's future with Indiana. Under the new bargaining agreement, there is something called the "designated player rule" that would allow veterans more

Under the new bargaining agreement there is something called the "designated player rule" that would allow veterans more money when signing a new deal with their team if the attain particular accolades:

  • MVP Award
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • 1st, 2nd, or 3rd team All-NBA teams

Paul George is expected to opt-out of his deal with Indiana and tests free agency this summer.

But if he makes any of these accolades, the Pacers can offer him $75 million more than any other team can this offseason. Money talks in any situation, so that $75 million could be enough to make the two-way star stay in Indiana.

Is it Enough?

Now money talks in almost any situation, but in Paul George's situation, will it be enough?

He can get paid with the money, but will he have a team that is good enough to win a championship? They are an average team this season, and Paul George is the only proven star on the team. They have the future star in Myles Turner, but then there are a bunch of role players after that. In an NBA where you need two stars to be a contender, George might sacrifice the money for a chance at a ring.

There are rumors he might sign with his hometown Lakers, where they will be in a position to finally give the pieces George needs. George wasn't happy when he was out of the loop when his name was amongst trade rumors close to the deadline, so that might've been the last straw. The Pacers will need to make sure they can give George the money, and the pieces around him to make sure he doesn't move anywhere else.

The All-NBA team will have a huge factor on Paul George's future. He can expect a big payday either way, but he might sacrifice earning more money for a chance at a championship. George will be one of the more sought-after free agents this summer, and the Pacers will try to keep him in Indiana.