As fans watch the NBA playoffs embark upon their final stretch, conversations about the upcoming year begins. As teams start to rebuild, many front offices look to match the talents of other organizations in the league. In a league where the definition of a point guard is under reconstruction, we cannot forget about the men who currently own the position due to their sensational play.

#5: John Wall

The starting point guard for the Washington Wizards is truly something special. John Wall has been able to act as the heart and soul of not only the nation's capital but his team's as well.

When on the court, John Wall makes everyone around him better. During the 2017 regular season, Wall finished with the third highest assists per game total, averaging 10.2 assists per night. His 23 points per game average only ensured that Wall would average a double-double for the season as he led his Washington Wizards to the Eastern Conference finals. John Wall is easily a top 5 point guard in the eastern conference, and his play in the 2017 postseason solidified his title as a top 5 point guard in the NBA.

#4: Chris Paul

Although his success in the NBA has been altered by teammate injuries and other unplanned commotion, it is fair to say that Chris Paul is able to still produce at a top 5 level.

The truth is that there are no other players that can compare to Chris Paul when it comes to being able to run the offensive floor. Paul is an all-around point guard and has demonstrated that throughout his career. During the 2017 season Chris was able to shoot a solid 47% from the floor while being able to average 9.2 assist per night.

Instead of forcing contested shots, Chris looks for the open teammate, and when he is open himself he is able to score with ease. Along with his contributions on the defensive side of the ball, Chris Paul continues to show fans that he is still able to make a run for a championship.

#3: Russell Westbrook

If you have watched ESPN at all during the 2017 NBA regular season, you know who Russell Westbrook is.

Russell is now the NBA's record holder of "most triple doubles" in a season. He passed Oscar Robertson who previously owned the record with his 41 triple doubles during the 1961-1962 season . The Oklahoma City Thunder starting point guard shattered his career stats and helped his team make playoff contention . Westbrook shot his best percentage from the three point line while also averaging the most assists he has ever averaged during his NBA career (10.4 apg) . Although he is criticized for the shots he decides to take, Russell was still able to bring in 30 points a night for a Thunder team who shouldn't have made it to the playoffs at all. Without the play of Westbrook, the Thunder would have had a below average season.

#2: Steph Curry

Steph Curry snuck his way into the top 5 list when he showed the world his ability as a relentless scorer. Curry changed the way defenses play the three point line, which enables him to work his other teammates into the game. Since entering the league in 2009, Steph Curry has never finished a season shooting under 40% from beyond the arch. In addition to his scorching hot shooting ability, Steph can also pick up steals on the defensive side of the ball. He finished the 2017 regular season holding the number one spot in steals per game with an average of 2.14 a night. His ability to score at will and the skills on defense have made Steph an elite player.

#1: Kyrie Irving

The starting point guard for LeBron's Cleveland Cavaliers has more responsibility than anyone in the NBA.

Not only does Kyrie Irving have to manage the game, but he also has to be able to keep up with the best player in the NBA. Kyrie has handled this challenge well and it looks like it has become second nature to the 25 year old point guard. His ability to manage the game and get hot when the team needs him makes Irving a threat during the entirety of any NBA matchup. Kyrie can make plays on defense and offense and is always looking to get his teammates involved first. His ball handling ability makes it easy for him to set up shop from anywhere on the court. Kyrie's ability to shoot the ball from the free throw line and the floor has made him a reliable option for his team no matter what the situation is.

During the 2017 regular season, Kyrie was able to shoot 90% from the free throw line, which helped him bring in close to 22 points per night. Kyrie will continue to be the best point guard in the league due to the facts that he is still young, and he is always making plays.