He is Godly and the perfect athlete. God could have crafted the perfect athlete with the creation of LeBron James. He has the speed, agility, strength, and awareness. What James is doing right now throughout the postseason is remarkable and unstoppable. He has a 10-0 record now in these playoffs. He has been averaging 35 points per game throughout the playoffs along with nine rebounds and 7 assists.

Simply put, "The Kid From Akron," is dazzling and destroying the competition. LeBron has a great mind for the game of basketball, and it has been showing a lot during this postseason.

What makes him so dangerous is his versatility. He has great speed, a good jumper, can drive and finish in the lane, and on top of it, he is an amazing passer.

If "The King," continues Playing as he is now, the Cleveland Cavaliers will have another trophy in their building and LeBron will be a hero once again and give another ring to the city. We are set for another Cavs, and Warriors rematch to see who will take the marbles this time.

His stellar play

No one has ever doubted what Lebron could do after his incredible comeback from a 3 to 1 deficit to the Warriors last year. Many doubted that they could come back and win, but they did. What LeBron is doing right now in the postseason is crazy, he is shooting great from both the 3 and 2.

He is draining jumpers from left to right and he is putting extreme pressure on the opposing defense and defenders. He is playing like no one can guard him and why not? James is scoring on whoever is on him.

The main issue at hand is that no team can stop James. Putting more defenders on him will just cause him to pass the ball out to his other shooters all over the court.

The only way to stop LeBron is to get him to not go into the paint and force him to shoot outside shots. James is dangerous driving to the rim and in the paint he is almost perfect. He has even been able to shoot with his opposite hand. That is the only method that can be used, but even that is not a 100% fix.

What is far more incredible is that LeBron is getting even better.

One of the best players in the game of basketball or the best is getting even better as he gets older. Typically speaking, players as they age usually loose speed or agility, but that simply is not the case with this athlete.

Can he do it again and win another title?

Looking at how the Cavaliers are playing right now, I think it is greatly possible for them to win another title. It will not be easy although with the dangerous Warriors. The Cavaliers are firing on all cylinders. So it is possible to say that they will beat the Warriors in the Finals.

Can LeBron leave a better legacy than MJ?

LeBron right now is not better than Michael Jordan. Although, at this rate, he is getting closer to eclipsing his records.

People always like to compare the two. James has been getting better, and over time he can be bigger than MJ possibly. The only thing that he does not have now over MJ is the rings and a number of wins or championships.

Having fun and toying with the competition

LeBron has been wrecking the competition with completing sweeps of the Pacers, Raptors, and now it looks like for certain the Celtics.

James seems to be having a lot of fun on the court as well. Earlier in the playoffs grabbing the beer to facing his back and powering down other opponents. He is even taking his time and walking backwards or turning his back knowing that he is going to go right by the defender and score. James is doing whatever he pleases and with ease.

Kelly Olynyk was put on skates and he was just another victim of James. LeBron also embarrassed Serge Ibaka by spinning the ball like he was doing a free throw to sinking the three pointer right in his face. James seems to be very relaxed and in a great rhythm right now. He does not seem to be stressed out or worried about anything. He fears no one.