Even before the regular season began, many already pegged the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors to have yet another rematch in the Finals. While that very well may be the case, as both the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors are resting as they await their next opponents, there is definitely some added drama going on in the Eastern Conference Semifinals that has many people talking.

John Wall proves why he is the face of the Washington Wizards

The Washington Wizards have been something of a conundrum for a long time.

Years ago when Michael Jordan decided to come out of retirement and play for the team, they were still considered a perennial bottom-feeder. When the Washington Wizards drafted John Wall, and he proved to be a true, franchise-caliber talent, even then, his talent alone, at that time, wasn't enough to get the Washington Wizards over the hump. Never mind a championship, the team has had trouble over the years even making it to the playoffs -- let alone being successful in those playoffs.

That said, however, as John Wall proved last night with his last second three-pointer to seal the victory for his Washington Wizards over the Boston Celtics and secure a Game 7, Wall is definitely ready to take his team to the next level -- and this year, he actually has the help to do it.

Boston Celtics lose in heartbreaking fashion

On the other side of that coin, however, the Boston Celtics can do nothing but swallow that heartbreaking loss and attempt to move on. The Boston Celtics themselves have been a conundrum as a team at times. They have shown flashes of brilliance all season, and they have proven that they have the talent and the coaching in place to compete and win at the highest level.

That said, however, the team is still prone to collapse and inconsistency. Isaiah Thomas is capable of being the franchise-caliber player that his team needs, and has the capacity to drop 50 points on any given night -- as these playoffs have shown. Still, on some nights, he also has the capacity to be ineffective -- sometimes a complete non-factor.

With many people predicting early on that the Boston Celtics would be the team to challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers for Eastern Conference supremacy and possibly a trip to the Finals, this series has proven that the team, while right on the cusp of greatness, is not quite there yet.

As both of these storylines play out in an exciting Game 7, it will be fun to watch.