The New York Knicks could be heading to ‘the worst offseason in franchise history’ as the relationship between team president of basketball operations Phil Jackson and star player Carmelo Anthony continues to fall apart.

Al Iannazzone of Newsday opined that Jackson’s recent dig at Anthony undermined the market value of the All-Star forward. He also believed the Knicks executive’s mishandling of the situation also scared off any prominent free agents this summer.

“You appreciate the honesty — especially given that he hadn’t spoken to the New York media in six months.

But Jackson’s remarks lower Anthony’s trade value and make the Knicks less attractive to free agents who see how a marquee player is treated,” Iannazzone stated in his article.

However, many still think the Knicks will always be a draw for free agents because of his big market status and the prestige of playing for a historic franchise. Some of the potential free-agents targets for the Knickerbockers are the following.

Chris Paul

Wooing a championship-hungry Chris Paul to sign with the Knicks is a trick one. However, Andrew Lynch of Fox Sports thinks it’s not that impossible, especially if Knicks owner James Dolan finally decides to fire Jackson. Melo would also need to stay in New York for the Knicks to have a legit shot at CP3.

Who knows? Keeping Anthony and the eventual signing of Paul could pave the way for pals LeBron James and Dwayne Wade to join the band in the coming seasons.

George Hill

Hill is going to be a defensive option for the Knicks at the point guard spot. New York is projected to have $25 million in cap money this offseason as a reward for absorbing Derrick Rose’s expiring deal last year. writer Joe Giglio feels the Knicks are in need of a point guard who can play on both ends of the floor. Hill, who averaged 16.9 points, 4.2 assists and 3.4 rebounds per game for the Utah Jazz this season, meets all the requirements for a two-way point guard.

Jrue Holiday

Justin Holiday already expressed his desire to play with his younger brother, Jrue, on the same team.

Marc Beerman of the New York Post thinks that’s not ‘out of the realm of possibility,’ stating the Knicks could be an ideal landing spot for the two Holidays. Both entering the free-agency market this summer, Justin hasn’t ruled out the possibility of signing with the Knicks, no matter dysfunctional the organization has been over the last three years. Meanwhile, it remains uncertain if Jrue would want to play for the drama-filled Knicks.