The Los Angeles Lakers and Lonzo Ball marriage is seen by most as imminent though the multi-titled franchise intends to do its homework first. It may not simply about working out or checking the stats the former UCLA Bruin star carries. Instead, it will be about doing background checks on how far LaVar Ball meddles.

The past months have seen the gloating of LaVar Ball, something that has drawn negative criticism. While it is understandable that he is proud of his son, overstepping his boundaries may be a concern for the Lakers or any other team if LA opts to go with someone else.

Huddling up with UCLA

The Los Angeles Lakers will reportedly sit down with UCLA coach Steve Alford to discuss the case of Ball. While that may sound standard for any coach, an interesting point tied up to that is the involvement of LaVar Ball.

Walton cautiously mentioned that the elder Ball’s involvement would be looked into, mentioning he is more concerned about whether Lonzo can help the franchise. Though he did not mention it, it would not be surprising if he was aware of the boastful nature of LaVar which many feel is hurting Lonzo’s chances.

LaVar has a history of meddling

If the current exposure of Ball is getting on the nerves of most, his history with Chino Hills could be a cause for concern.

LaVar reportedly contradicted the instructions of the head coach and went as far as to gather the team without the latter’s permission.

Worse, he was reportedly heard saying: “I run Chino Hills! I run UCLA, about to run the NBA!” By all counts, this incident may not fit in well with the rebuilding Lakers who have more serious issues to deal with right now.

Blame game and U-turning LaVar

LaVar Ball apparently knows how to play media, somehow making it look like a TV show than an actual career. He has been quoted on occasion, only to come out and explain that he was misinterpreted.

The same gloats are expected, assuming Lonzo Ball does end up with the Los Angeles Lakers. But as far as continuing his boastful ways, the Lakers may just pass and get someone with a more conservative stature.

Walton, Magic Johnson or even Jeanie Buss are likely to draw the line somewhere. The problem is not with Lonzo but LaVar Ball. In a way, the whole ruckus is a distraction – not only for the Lakers but Lonzo as well. With a rookie lacking focus, such could be included in the evaluation process.

If not Ball, the next candidate linked to the Lakers is De’Aaron Fox of the Kentucky Wildcats. He doesn’t have a stage father, so it could be a surprise in the 2017 NBA Draft happening this June.