The NBA playoff series between the Wizards and Celtics and the Rockets and Spurs have been the most interesting matchups thus far in the semifinals round of post-season play. Both series are currently tied, with each team having two wins under their belt. Tuesday night will be the Game 5 matchup as the Wizards plan to carry the momentum of a Game 4 win against the struggling Boston Celtics.

Kawhi Leonard and company will have a chance to gain a 3-2 lead on the Rockets on Thursday night when the two teams battle live on ESPN. As the these series becomes more and more intense the road for Cleveland and Golden State becomes easier and easier.

The Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors were able to sweep their divisional round opponents, allowing them rest before the big eastern and western conference finals.

Is it matchup strength or pure domination?

Players around the NBA know that LeBron James is a different breed of athlete, especially when he is in the playoffs. This post-season, LeBron has been able to reach his final form. It is apparent that he cannot be stopped by teams who do not make a valiant effort. During this post-season LeBron has shot 47% from the three point line which is better than Golden State point guard Steph Curry in his best season. James has also been able to get it done in the post. His 66% field goal percentage down low is 4% higher than the dominant play of one of the all-time best centers in NBA history, Shaquille O'Neal in his best season.

When you take the play of Shaq and Steph in their best seasons and put it into the body and psyche of LeBron James it is hard to come out on top for any opponent.

In the Western conference there are not too many teams that can play with the Golden State Warriors. Steph Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green were able to give teams a good run for their money last year as they traveled through the bracket.

With the addition of the elite small forward play of Kevin Durant, the Warriors have been unstoppable. Their last two opponents in Portland and Utah were not equipped to handle the star power. The Warriors might have to face their toughest opponent in the conference finals in either the Spurs or the Rockets. Both the Spurs and Rockets have proven that they are also elite teams in the western conference and remain hungry for an NBA title.

High road and low road

The Cleveland Cavaliers have the easiest road to the NBA Finals. They will either face an under-developed team in the Washington Wizards or an Isaiah Thomas scoring battle with the Boston Celtics. Neither team will be able to keep LeBron James silent and even if they were to get close, there is still Kyrie Irving. Although both the Wizards and the Celtics are led by their tough and fearless point guards, neither one of them have enough role players to keep all of the members of the Cleveland roster quiet.

It is a fact that this NBA post-season has not been one that will be remembered for its resilience or its tough matchups. With both the Warriors and the Cavs being able to sweep teams at will, the game has lost the excitement of a team being able to fore a game seven in a win or go home scenario.

Many NBA fans will blame this on the general managers that continue to stack their teams' roster with 3 or 4 of the league's best players, enabling them to have a "big 3" like the Celtics and the Heat of the past. It is not an interesting post-season when you can already guess who will be fighting for an NBA title after the first round of post-season play.