Today the NBA officially announced who made the All-NBA teams for the 2016-17 season. The All-NBA team awards are to show recognition to 15 players that played at the highest level in every position. Paul George began the day with the possibility of receiving the highest paying contract ever in the NBA. If George was selected to one of the three All-NBA teams, he could have received a max offer from the Indiana Pacers of $210 million for over the course of five seasons.

However, Paul George failed to make the cut for either of the three All-NBA teams this season.

Although he was able to will the Pacers into the 2017 NBA Playoffs, the team's mediocre play this season made PG's chances of making the cut very slim.

Westbrook leads the way

G- Russell Westbrook, G- James Harden, F- Kawhi Leonard, F- Lebron James, and C- Anthony Davis.

Everyone that made the cut deserves to be there. Russell Westbrook became the first player since Oscar Robertson in 1961-62 to average a triple-double throughout an entire NBA season and will likely take home this year's MVP award. James Harden cooked defenders as usual and took an underdog Houston Rocket team to the conference semifinals. Harden also almost averaged a triple-double himself but fell a couple of rebounds shy.

Kawhi Leonard and Lebron James have both equally been the biggest impact players for their teams this season.

Their play on both sides of the ball has both of their teams in this year's conference finals. Anthony Davis continued to score and rebound the basketball at a very high-level. His Pelicans were not able to reach the playoffs this season, but it's hard to argue any other center was worth mentioning for the slot.

Youngsters rule the second unit

G- Stephen Curry, G- Isaiah Thomas, F- Kevin Durant, F- Giannis Antentokuompo, C- Rudy Gobert

Isaiah Thomas is a 5'9 guard that averaged a career-high 28.9 points per game while leading the Boston Celtics to the number one seed in the east. I.T. currently has his Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals taking on the defending champs the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Stephen Curry and KD proved there's room for both superstars on the Warriors by averaging over 20 points a game each.

Giannis Antentokuompo and Rudy Gobert both elevated their games to much higher levels this season. So much they helped lead their teams to the playoffs and made some noise once they got there. The upside of both of these players will continue to be exciting to watch for many seasons moving forward.

Third team

G- John Wall, G- Demar DeRozan, F- Jimmy Butler, F- Draymond Green, and C- DeAndre Jordan.

All of the players to make this team helped lead their teams into the playoffs this season. Out of the five, John Wall was the one to elevate his game the most. Wall's performance this season will move him up on a lot of folks list of the many talented point guards the NBA has to offer.