Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook has climbed out of a tie with Oscar Robertson after registering his 42nd triple-double against the Denver Nuggets. He finished the night with 50 points, 16 rebounds and 10 assists all capped with a 36-foot buzzer beater for the win.

Westbrook achieved the feat following a dish to Semaj Christon late in the fourth quarter. He already had 32 points and 13 rebounds at that point. While the Thunder were feting the all-star guard, the Nuggets ended up sulking since the loss doused all hopes of them making it to the postseason wars.

MVP award in the bag for Russell Westbrook?

With the feat, most will contend that Westbrook obviously deserves the NBA MVP award. His nearest foe is James Harden of the Houston Rockets, someone quietly putting up good numbers too.

Only time will tell and voting could dictate who between Westbrook and Harden will be adjudged this year’s most valuable player. All that should be settled soon.

Why Westbrook should go for 44 Triple Crown?

The Thunder have two games left and Westbrook could pad his “Triple Crown” feat by putting up a couple of monster games.

Looking at the Western Conference standings, there is nothing much to gain with OKC holding a lock on the sixth seed.

The Thunder could opt to rest Westbrook, saving him for the first round of the NBA playoffs. Ironically, they are on course to face the Rockets in the first round of the NBA playoffs.

Coach Billy Donovan will be tasked to decide on that, another rest issue that Westbrook obviously deserves.

But will the 28-year-old want time out? He could sit out the one of the games ahead, a wise measure to avoid any untoward incident like an injury.

The real battle begins when the postseason wars commence and most know how the Rockets are humming right now. The Rockets hold a season series edge over the Thunder (3-1), another aspect that Donovan will factor in.

Looking through those games, Westbrook averaged close to 36 points and that included a 49-point explosion last Jan. 5 where the Thunder dropped a heartbreaking 118-116 decision.

For the Thunder to defy those odds, Westbrook needs help. His numbers are amazing but he apparently cannot do it all by himself. The Oklahoma City Thunder need to get support elsewhere on the roster, regardless if they are prime time players or not.

If it is any consolation, the Thunder have defied the odds since losing Kevin Durant before the season. It turned out to be a blessing, particularly for Westbrook who was able to break out of his shell.