The Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James has set another record in the NBA history. He was able to beat the record of Michael Jordan as the all-time playoff scoring leader this season. James, who played game 5 of the eastern conference finals last night, needed only 28 points to surpass Jordan's record. Through a three-point shot, King James was able to reach the milestone late in the third quarter.

King James earns another throne

For the past NBA records, Jordan has scored over 5,987 during his post-season career in all 179 games from 1987-2003.

Thursday night was James 212th career post-season game. Without a doubt, Cavaliers beat the Boston Celtics with scores 135-102 in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference finals for them to advance to the NBA finals.

The 32-year old NBA star is apparently seeking for another NBA title. He is known for his 212 post season games leaving Jordan behind and a sixth-time champion who played about 179 playoff games. To recall, the designation as the newest NBA all-time playoff scoring leader has been designated to the greatest teams. Without a doubt, LeBron coveted another throne this time leaving all competitors in the dust.

Will LeBron leads Cavaliers over Warriors?

The NBA Finals is fast approaching. This makes most of the NBA fans wonder on who will finally covet the trophy this season.

The game will be played between two great teams, Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors. If King James will be able to lead the Cavaliers over Warriors, then probably, he will earn another ring for his Hall of Famer career.

Nonetheless, even when he, unfortunately, a loss this NBA season finals, he has still able to accomplish something that any team sport and players have never been able to claim.

After winning their victory over Celtics on Thursday night, LeBron just made his name part of the NBA dynasty. Some reports claim that LeBron is simply redefining the team.

King James has boasted unrelenting stranglehold of his career for over a decade. Further, this years' NBA season is already the seventh for James to reach the finals.

Apparently, making it to the seventh consecutively will make it possible for him to attain the Larry O'Brien Trophy.

Needless to say that no one else in the NBA history has ever achieved such victory. James is now the newest member of the club and there only has 19 players in NBA who made it played into seven finals.