LeBron James and Kevin Love are both huge reasons for the success of the Cleveland Cavaliers in recent years. They have formed arguably the best forward duo in the NBA, with the combination of their incredible skill sets. Kevin has an incredible ability to outlet pass the basketball, score buckets in loads and rebound the basketball, while King James excels in every aspect of the game - scoring, passing, rebounding, defending, leading. They have been showing their all-star capabilities during the postseason this year so far, but according to both Love and James, they have another level they can reach.

LeBron and teammates are ready to kick it into another gear

The Cleveland Cavaliers, despite their loud 8-0 start to the postseason, are still in a low gear. And all the players in the Cavs locker room are rolling with the notion of Cleveland's best basketball not arriving yet. After the Cavaliers finished off the Toronto Raptors, defeating them 4-0 in the second round series, both Kevin and LeBron talked about this idea the Cavaliers withhold.

Love said: "We still have another level that we can get to and feel like we can get better". This then sparked a question over to LeBron, and without a doubt King James agreed with his all-star power forward teammate, saying: "Yea, we have another level, we're going to work on our habits this week.

And we'll see what happens".

This is a scary thought for any upcoming opponents of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Cleveland started the playoffs playing extraordinary basketball, winning games with their brilliant offensive and defensive production. And the idea of them flipping the switch and becoming an even more dangerous team is a thought that quite frankly is scary.

Wizards or Celtics?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are still waiting to find out who their Eastern Conference finals opponent will be. After finishing their Eastern Conference semifinals series against the Toronto Raptors in just four games, they have been sitting at home watching the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards go back and forth in their series.

Recently, the Wizards pulled out the win in game six with the heroics of John Wall and his game winning shot, and they will now be headed to a game seven to ultimately find out who will face the LeBron-led Cavaliers in the conference finals.

The crazy thing is. Game one of the next round for the Cavs will be on Wednesday, a total of 10 days after their previous game played. That's nine days of rest for King James and the squad, something they will be relishing. Meanwhile, the winner of the Boston-Washington series will have just one day rest between their series'. The Cavaliers are very rested, playing just 8 games since April 9th. So maybe Cleveland's ability to go to "another level" may indeed happen, all these rest days will likely pay its diffidence for the team.