Kyle Korver is one of the newest editions to the Cleveland Cavaliers roster. Joining the team through a trade with the Atlanta Hawks in early January, and it seems Kyle is pretty satisfied with his new team, recently complimenting his two superstar teammates, Kyrie Irving and LeBron James.

In 35 regular season games for the Cleveland Cavaliers this season, Kyle Korver averaged 10.7 points per game on 48.7% from the field and led the league with 48.5% shooting from downtown. He also shot a career best 93.3% from the free throw line. This brilliant play also carried into the postseason for the sharpshooter, during the 2017 playoffs he is shooting identically, 48.5% from deep.

He has improved his field goal percentage at 51.2%, and hasn't missed a free throw. It is fair to say, Korver works well in the Cavs system.

Kyle Korver talks about the Cavs big two

After game four of the Eastern Conference semi finals against the Toronto Raptors, Kyle Korver was very adamant in crediting the success to the closing abilities of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving. Kyle said:

"We got some closers on this team, and we try to give them the ball, give them space to work."

When Kyle was asked 'what is it like to play with Ky and Bron?', he said: "I'm glad I'm on this team... they're both so skilled. They're both clutch. Hard to guard. I'm glad they'ron my team".

This season has involved a big change of mindset for Mr.

Korver. When he found out the news he was traded he was obviously initially filled with excitement, joining the defending champions. But he also had mixed emotions, due to the relationships and sense of security he had built up in the city of Atlanta. But looking back on it now, he seems to be very happy about the way things panned out.

Korver has been a great asset

One of the best trades of the season for the Cleveland Cavaliers was when they gave up Mike Dunleavy, Mo Williams and a future first round pick for arguably the best catch and shoot jump shooter in the NBA. Korver has been nothing but exceptional for this Cleveland team. His ability to shoot the ball has further benefited the passing ability of LeBron and Kyrie.

And his ability to knock down clutch three point shots when the game is on the line has also been put on display.

The Cleveland Cavaliers are definitely happy about the decision to trade for Kyle Korver looking back on it now. And will continue to look for trades or signings that will allow them to acquire more shooters, to thrive in the Cavs shooting system.