The start to the 2017 season has not exactly been a good one for the Chicago Cubs. The last thing they needed was a PR fight. Despite their rather obvious desire to not have to explain actions like booting fans out of Wrigley Field, the Cubs have indeed had to address kicking superfan Ronnie "Woo Woo" Wickers out of a game after claiming he didn't have a ticket. For his part, Wickers claims he did have a ticket, his friend had it on him and the team wouldn't allow the pair the time to produce the proof that was needed.

While there are days, months and even years where this kind of incident would have been a blip on the radar and then everyone would have moved on, 2017 isn't that year in Chicago.

Everything was already going to be magnified a bit because the Cubs are the defending World Series champions. They are also the defending World Champions who are struggling to look like a playoff team this year.

When things are going wrong on the field, things to go wrong off the field and so now we have a situation where Wickers has talked about possibly taking the Cubs to court over the incident. The clash in question occurred at a game on April 19, where Wickers and a friend of his, Scott Miller were separated. While Wickers was on his own, Chicago security staff approached him and asked for his ticket.

Ronnie Woo Woo says he told the staffers he didn't have his ticket with him because Miller had both of their stubs electronically on his phone. When Miller eventually returned and was asked to show evidence the pair had entered Wrigley legally, he became belligerent, according to the Chicago Tribune. At that point both men who escorted out of the facility.

For his part, Wickers feels as though he was singled out unfairly and has talked about taking the issue to court.

“I’ll take it all the way to the Supreme Court if I have to,” Wickers told the Tribune on Friday.

“I have nothing to lose.”

It doesn't seem likely that the Chicago Cubs have much to lose either. By their accounts, they did everything by the book. The staffers who had their interaction with Ronnie Woo Woo say the two men cursed at them repeatedly. The team also has come out and said that as long as you have your ticket and can behave in a courteous manner, fans have nothing to worry about.

The Cubs have also done their part in explaining why the singled Wickers out. Apparently, Ronnie has a bit of a habit of attempting to get into the game without the benefit of paid admission.