The Cleveland Cavaliers are diving into their second round series after over a week long break from their first round series. This break was due to their 4-0 sweep over the Indiana Pacers in the opening round which made for a long wait till the second round, while the rest of the league were still trying to fight to get to the next round. After LeBron James led his team past Paul George in the first round, the Cavaliers set their eyes on the series between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Toronto Raptors. The winner of the series between these two would be the ones facing off against the Cavs in the second round.

And after 6 games, the Raptors eventually pulled out the series victory over the team led by Giannis Antetokounmpo. Now King James looks towards round two, and has a few things to say about his team's next opponents.

LeBron James comments on facing the Raptors in the second round

LeBron James is now focused on the next round, a series where his Cleveland Cavalier team will face the team from Canada, the Toronto Raptors. This group can be very dangerous, led by DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry, so the Cavs ought to be on their A game. LeBron mentioned that any team that is able to move past the first round is dangerous, being because they gain confidence and the knowledge of how to win a series, something that's very important in the playoffs.

LeBron not only complimented the Raptors on being able to move past round one, he mentioned a key guy who wasn't on the team last year but can be a huge factor for the Raptors this year. LeBron on Serge Ibaka:

"A veteran, a guy with playoff experience and finals experience as well, a guy who can spread the floor and protect the rim at times as well, it helped them out, it was a good piece for them.

As well as P.J. Tucker"

LeBron certainly is showing his respect to the Raptors, and complimenting them for bringing in power forward, Serge Ibaka.

Cavs know Raptors, Raptors know Cavs

LeBron James has really hyped up this series for the fans with this statement, when asked about the upcoming series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Toronto Raptors, LeBron said:

"The Raptors, we played them last year, so they know us, we know them."

If this series is anything like last years, we are in for a show.

In 2016, the six game series between the two teams made for one of the most exciting playoff series' of the season. A series where the Cavs were crowned the Eastern Conference champions for the 3rd time after their game six victory. Let's just hope we see more of the same this year.