Patrick Beverley recently suffered the loss of his grandfather. A man who was a huge part of his life, and was one of Patrick's biggest fans. This terrible loss obviously left Beverley emotional, and had him in a sad state heading into game 4 of the series between the Houston Rockets and the San Antonio Spurs. Despite how hard it was, Pat Bev still played in game four of the series, and helped his team grab the victory and tie the series at 2 games a piece. Dedicating his performance to his greatest fan and role model, pointing to the sky as he made great plays during the game.

It's a hard time for Patrick, but there's a man that is well known around the league that has his back. That man is LeBron James.

LeBron posted a video message to Beverley

LeBron James may be non existent on social media during the playoffs but he still heard about the awful news to do with Patrick Beverley. And with this news, he couldn't help but send him a heartfelt message. This isn't rare of LeBron though, recently isaiah thomas suffered a loss in his family and King James was there to wish him the best, and send his prayers. LeBron took to UNINTERRUPTED's Twitter to share his message.

"Patrick Beverley, send my condolences to you and your family man. My prayers sent up to your grandfather man. I know that had to have been tough on you last night to play that game under those situations. But if there is one dude I know that can do it, it's definitely you man."

To the surprise of most, LeBron James and Patrick Beverley are close friends.

They were on the same roster during the 2010 preseason in the Miami Heat. Unfortunately for Pat Bev, he was cut by the Heat. But the little time they spent together on the same team, was enough for LeBron to hold respect for the character that Patrick possesses.

LeBron has high respect for hard working players

Throughout his illustrious career, LeBron James has always been complimentary of players that work their hardest both on and off the floor.

Something he strives to do every day of his life, to become the ultimate basketball player, and be the best he can. Patrick Beverley is obviously a prime example of someone who puts it all on the line on the court, and works his tail off behind the scenes. This is a huge reason for the King's shared respect for the Houston Rockets guard.

Isaiah Thomas is another player that LeBron has mentioned to be hard working, another player he shares a lot of respect for, as he sent his condolences to him after the tragedy of losing his sister in a car crash.