In an epic game last Tuesday, Manu Ginobili saved the team the San Antonio Spurs, after their franchise player, Kawhi Leonard, sustained an ankle injury in the second half of the game. It had him limping to the bench due to intolerable pain, a sight that could be depressing for the rest of the team. Kawhi Leonard insists that he will be able to play Game 6. Yet, the extent of the injury is unknown, and it is not known how much it affects him. No confirmation was given that he will be eligible to play the next game.

Manu Ginobili had 12 points, seven rebounds, and five blocks.

In the first quarter, he scored with only 2:02 left in the quarter. Manu Ginobili quickly stepped in late in the 4th quarter with a couple of sprints in preparation for glory. His gameplay made the San Antonio Spurs beat Houston in overtime, 110-107 and allowed them to be on track to advance to the Western Conference Finals and square off against the Golden State Warriors.

The perfect block that won the game

Manu Ginobili drove to the rim and made a driving finger roll with only 34 seconds left. Eventually, it resulted in an overtime. The San Antonio Spurs were down by two points late in the forth.

Knowing James Harden needed to take a 3-pointer with the time running out, Manu Ginobili leaped first, meeting the MVP candidate at the apex of his shot for one of the biggest blocks seen this season.

It has been over a year since Manu Ginobili last blocked a similar shot and the first time ever that he blocked James Harden. Manu Ginobili's block in this game will be forever remembered and will be one of the major highlights of Ginobili’s basketball career. It is a truly a memorable moment for him, and his team.

Manu Ginobili defies his age

Ginobili turns 40 this summer, making his ability to play that well at such a critical point in the game even more impressive for San Antonio Spurs fans. He already put off retirement once or twice before, and now came back to silence anyone who doubted why he did not just call it quits at such an age.

It is an inspiring and reassuring thing to watch and proves that age cannot stop the performance of a great sportsman like him.

It is unclear whether or not this season will be his last one, but there is no doubt about his role in maintaining the level of the San Antonio Spurs over the years. Ginobili saved the game and proudly reminded everyone who he was, and what is expected from a great player like him during an important match.