Josh Mcroberts has decided to exercise player option on his contract, which means he will be a Miami Heat player next season as well. McRoberts, who has dealt with numerous health issues in the last few years, will enter the final year of his contract with the Heat and he will be paid $6 million.

While most Heat fans are disappointed with this move, it was expected of McRoberts to exercise his player option as it is not very likely he'd get a better contract somewhere else. The forward's contract is quite big considering his history of injuries, but his agent said that he is healthy now.

If he can play, Josh McRoberts could bring a lot to the table as he is a versatile big man who can shoot well and make plays for his teammates.

McRoberts can still be a contributor

Josh McRoberts' versatility makes him a mismatch on the floor and he could be a big contributor for the Miami Heat if he can play. The forward signed with the Heat three years ago and he's appeared in only 81 regular-season games since then. McRoberts missed two entire seasons for the Heat and his contract turned out to be a disaster. However, if he can stay healthy and play at least 50 games next season, it will pay off for Miami since he's a very good player.

McRoberts started in 14 games last season, averaging 4.9 Points Per Game.

He also did a good job with rebounding and ball distribution, averaging 3.4 rebounds and 2.3 assists. The big man was also one of the best shooters on the team as he made 41.9 percent of his long-range shots.

Josh McRoberts has never averaged more than 10 points per game in a season and it is not realistic to expect him to do so next season.

Miami Heat wouldn't need him to average big numbers as they would benefit a lot from his presence on the floor and his ability to stretch the floor and share the ball. Besides, he is only 30 and if he can stay healthy, he could play for at least five more years, whether it's in Miami or somewhere else.

Miami Heat need a good power forward

Since Chris Bosh failed his physical last year, it was clear that the Miami Heat would struggle at power forward position. They signed Luke Babbitt who spent most of the time playing at this position, and while he did a good job, the Heat will have to get a better power forward if they want to be competitive and achieve better results.

McRoberts is 6'10" and is capable of playing at either forward spot. He is a solid rebounder and is capable of filling any role on the offensive end of the floor. If the Heat fail to sign a star power forward in the upcoming free agency, they will have to count on Josh McRoberts. Hopefully, the big man will stay healthy and give Miami at least one good season.