Paul Millsap will be a Free Agent this offseason, as he decided to opt out of his final season of his contract with the Atlanta Hawks. Millsap, who earned $20 million this season, had a player option that was worth $21.5 million for the next season. However, the 32-year old forward will test free agency this summer, and there is no doubt that he could get an even more lucrative deal from another team.

The upcoming free agency will be very interesting, and it could drastically change the league. Beside Millsap, Stephen Curry, Gordon Hayward, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul are among names that will be top targets this summer.

Many of these players have player options on their contracts, but they are expected to opt out and either sign with another team or ask for more money from their former team.

Will the Hawks keep Paul Millsap?

Atlanta Hawks currently have three players who are paid $15 million or more, and Dwight Howard, who is their highest-paid player, will receive $23.5 million next season. There is no doubt that they will want to keep Millsap as he's been the team's best player, and it would be hard to find a suitable replacement for him. However, the Hawks only have six players under contract for the next year, and they will have to figure out how much money they can offer to the forward.

Paul Millsap played for the Hawks the last four years, and he averaged 17.4 points and 8.3 rebounds per game.

His development has been huge as he is one of the most versatile players in the league and is capable of playing great basketball on both ends of the floor. Furthermore, Millsap made the All-Star team every year as a Hawks player.

Millsap will be a high-priority target in free agency

Thanks to his versatility and high basketball IQ, Paul Millsap will be one of the top free agents this year.

Undoubtedly, a lot of NBA teams will want to sign him and he will receive plenty of lucrative offers from them, which will make it hard for the Atlanta Hawks to retain him. Even though he will turn 33 next February, Millsap is still one of the best forwards in the league and he would be a perfect addition to a few teams.

The forward would fit well with a championship contender, as well as with a team that is trying to become one.

He brings a lot to the table and could play at a high level for at least two or three more years, which is plenty of time to win a championship ring. Millsap's biggest success in Atlanta was reaching the conference finals in 2015, so he may want to play for a team that is capable of winning it all.