The Denver Broncos made a big offseason move Tuesday when they decided to sign a veteran running back Jamaal Charles to a one-year deal. The speedster will be able to make close to 3.5 million dollars during the 2017 season. The Broncos are a team that has the potential of becoming a playoff contender if they can improve the offensive side of the ball. Denver was not able to run the ball effectively in 2017.

The team’s most productive running back, Devontae Booker, was only to accumulate 612 yards and four touchdowns. Understanding that this performance at the tailback position is unacceptable, the Broncos made the right choice of picking up the 30-year-old running back who can still be a threat to opposing defenses when he is at the top of his game.

Jamaal Charles needs his knees

Coming off a knee injury that has kept him sidelined for the last couple of years, Charles is anxious to show the league that he still has some juice left in his tank. When healthy, Charles can produce big numbers for offenses that are pass balanced. He provides dual options for quarterbacks who do not mind checking the ball down when they do not see the play call being executed correctly.

Throughout his career, Charles has accumulated a total of 7,260 yards rushing in addition to having 43 rushing touchdowns. He also has recorded a total of 2,457 yards receiving as well. The ability to make plays while possessing the football makes Charles a threat on every down.

With the help of their developing quarterback Trevor Siemain, the Broncos are working on creating an explosive offense.

Rival defenses are called into action

Last season the Broncos finished with the third-best record in the AFC West. Their rushing game did not help them as they became one dimensional throughout the Regular Season.

With the powerhouse defenses in Oakland and Kansas City being in the same division, the Broncos will have to find ways to score the football more often.

With Oakland acquiring the hard-running tailback Marshawn Lynch, the Broncos must be able to score match the scoring production he provides. The last time Charles played the Raiders while healthy was in the 2014 NFL regular season.

In those two games, Charles combined for 132 yards on 31 carries. If Charles can average 10 yards per carrying this season the Broncos will be able to have a better season then the ones that have come in the previous years. Hopefully, Charles can produce numbers in his new home.