Welcome to another edition of NFL: what does every team need. We are looking at the Afc West. The wild west division is full of young talent and was one of the most competitive divisions last year. With many of the team's talent returning, let's see what every team in this division needs to acquire in free agency or in the draft. Remember: every team needs something. The AFC West holds the Chiefs, Raiders, Broncos, and Chargers.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs are coming off a good season, but a tough playoff loss. They have a QB in Alex Smith and a playmaker in Tyreek Hill.

So where do the Chiefs need to improve? They need to get an inside linebacker. With Derrick Johnson being 34 and attempting to come off an Achilles injury, it's unlikely he will be ready for 2017. With his age up there, they will need to start developing a young backer who will take his spot. Reuben Foster from Alabama will be a good fit for the Chiefs, but he will need to improve and learn from the seasoned vet.

The Chiefs allowed 120 rush yards per game, which ranks them 26th in the NFL. Getting a linebacker is key to stopping the run, so to lower that number, the Chiefs need to invest in a young backer with a lot of upsides.

Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are coming off a great season, having a 12-4 record and could've gone further in the playoffs if Derrick Carr wasn't injured.

Their offense was a juggernaut, but their defense was anything but that. Their defense needs some tools if they want to help out the offense. Where they should look is at the defensive tackle position. The defensive tackles on their roster couldn't stop anything, getting ran over and gave up 116 rush yards per game. If you can't get penetration at the line of scrimmage, you won't be able to stop the run.

The Raiders should look into the draft, as they need to improve quickly.

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos failed to make the playoffs last year with an 8-8 record. Their offense struggled, not being able to run the ball only averaging 97 yards per game. They had issues at QB, and they need to decide on Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch this offseason.

Where the Broncos really need to improve is at the tackle spots. The Broncos gave up 40 sacks last season and 42 the season before, citing poor tackle play as a source of the problem. Russell Okung struggled all season, and they didn't pick up his option. The sacks might've affected the QB play, as the feared a blind side hit every time they dropped back.

The run game suffered from the poor tackle play, not being able to seal the edge for backs to find a crease. The Broncos shouldn't be focusing on Romo; they need to be scouting some young tackle talent. John Elway has some work to do, trying to get this offense back on it's feet, starting with the O-line.

Los Angeles Chargers

With a move to a new city, the L.A Chargers are trying to find a new identity coming off a 5-11 season.

The Chargers always found a new way to lose last season, and it was heartbreaking to watch. The Chargers will need to build up their receiving core in order to make a run for the division. Keenan Allen has been battling injuries, and then it's a game of who's that after him. They have no proven receivers, which is needed if they want to give Phillip Rivers a shot to make a playoff run.

Former Bears Receiver Alshon Jeffrey will be a free agent, and he is looking to revitalize his career as well. That is a good option for the Chargers, giving them a big name at receiver. Josh Gordon, if he is reinstated, will be an option as well.

The wild west is only going to get more wild, as these teams look to reload this offseason. Every team needs something, even the great teams in the great divisions.