With recent reports suggesting that Kyle Lowry may leave the Toronto Raptors to join a Western Conference team, we should take a look at the possible destinations for the All-Star point guard. Apparently, LeBron James’ dominance over the East may push Lowry to the West coast, which is dominated by the Golden State Warriors. However, a change of scenery may be exactly what Lowry needs.

Los Angeles Clippers

There are a lot of ‘ifs’ in this scenario. Lowry could choose to join the Los Angeles Clippers only if Chris Paul leaves the team. He could perhaps be the backup point guard option for the Clippers to at least maintain some talent.

Maybe if Paul leaves, the team can bring in Lowry to join DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin, who will also become a free agent this summer. The Clippers may not want to rebuild if they do lose Paul but instead retool, and Lowry would be an excellent replacement. He has the ability to playmake, ball handle, score, and shoot from long range.

Utah Jazz

Utah’s number one priority will be to re-sign Gordon Hayward to a long-term deal before thinking about adding other pieces. However, if they are able to retain Hayward, the Jazz can possibly add Lowry to the mix as well, which will come at the cost of losing George Hill. Although Hill had a phenomenal year with Utah, Lowry is obviously an upgrade because he has better ball handling, playmaking and scoring abilities than Hill.

Also, Lowry is a better rebounder and is able to create his own shot, which would take a lot of pressure off Hayward.

San Antonio Spurs

Since Tony Parker has regressed this season and most recently suffered a severe quadriceps injury, the San Antonio Spurs must consider other options at the point guard position. Chris Paul would be the best choice for them, but Kyle Lowry would also be a solid option.

It would probably be easier for the Spurs to attain Lowry than Paul because he might not demand as much money and would still bolster the roster. Can you imagine how much better Lowry would play under Gregg Popovich? Coach Pop will not only maximize his talent, but he will extend Lowry’s career by lowering his minutes, workload, and resting him when necessary.

The Spurs would then have a solid trio of Lowry, Kawhi Leonard, and LaMarcus Aldridge with Parker coming off the bench. They would certainly give the Warriors a major challenge if the two teams were to face each other in the playoffs, but let’s not look too ahead just yet.