Matt and Jeff Hardy have had a rocky couple of months with word that the tag team would be returning to the WWE scene. Both left Impact Wrestling and made a temporary stop to Ring of Honor (ROH) where they eventually became tag team champions.

The rumor mill revealed that the two were already offered WWE contracts and that their return was imminent. Both tried to deny that a return was in the works. That was until recent developments pushed the rumor closer to being official.

Hardys drop ROH tag titles

Similar to their dilemma before leaving TNA, Matt & Jeff had to find a way to lose their tag team titles.

The Young Bucks won the titles from the Hardy Boys, a clear sign that something was brewing. On cue, the New Day introduced the Hardy Boys as the fourth team in the WWE Raw Tag team championship melee at Wrestlemania 33.

Though rumors were afloat, it was something most didn’t see coming. The closest was seeing the Hardy Boyz make an appearance or get involved in some capacity. Seeing them compete in a match was not expected, more so becoming instant Raw tag team champions.

Wasting no time for Team Extreme

Moving forward, it seems that the Hardys will have busy days ahead. That is all expected to start on the April 3 edition of WWE Raw where they are likely to figure in a rematch.

The team of Luke Galloway and Karl Anderson should be seeking a rematch though expect the other teams (Enzo Amore - Big Cass and Cesaro – Sheamus) to make a case for themselves as well.

If not another Fatal-Four-Way, the Hardys could sit back and see who among the three teams can prove they deserve a title-shot. Whatever the WWE creative team has planned, something electric is expected.

There is also the persona of the brothers to think of. After establishing their niche on TNA under the “Broken” storyline, all eyes are on what the WWE will have up its sleeve. Seeing the success that Matt & Jeff Hardy had with their previous stints, the creative team will be looking to carry that on as the quest to improve the WWE show ratings continue.