LeBron James has been performing at an elite level for 14 straight seasons, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, on the other hand, played at a high level for 20 consecutive seasons. This will make LeBron's accomplishment even more impressive, the discrepancy in their respective career lengths is significant. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is the NBA's all-time leading scorer with 38,387 career points, and while King James is chasing that milestone, it is not the accomplishment he is on the brink of passing at this point in his career. Kareem was able to score 10+ points in 787 straight games, second to only Michael Jordan, who was able to do it in 866 straight games.

But the man known as The Chosen One has already tied Kareem with 787 straight double-figure scoring games, a record he will be looking to break.

LeBron will likely pass Kareem on Tuesday

Unless LeBron has an abysmal performance, he should be able to pass Kareem on this milestone in Tuesday's game against the Magic. The last time LeBron James did not score 10+ points in a regular season was way back in January of 2005. Over a decade ago. So it is almost a certainty that the King will be able to do it in his next game. This is where the list currently stands for most consecutive double digit scoring regular season games: -

1. Michael Jordan (866)

2. LeBron James (787)

2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (787)


Karl Malone (575)

5. Moses Malone (526)

LeBron could move to the top of this list, passing Michael Jordan at the end of next season. This would add just another milestone to Mr. James' legendary career.

LeBron is the definition of consistent excellence

As Cavs forward Richard Jefferson has stated in the past, LeBron James is the "beacon of consistency, all time" and it is proven with this statistic.

To have not scored under 10 points in a regular season game since 2005 is incredible. Most the NBA all-stars in the league were still in high school or younger when LeBron last scored less than 10. And those same superstars have their off games, scoring in single digits in various games each season. And the crazy part is, scoring isn't what LeBron James is known for. Yet he might one day be sitting at the top of this list, and an all-time scoring list!