Ever since Jeff and Matt Hardy left Impact Wrestling, the news has been filled with their former company threatening legal action if the brothers continued to use the gimmick they used there in other locations. Impact Wrestling even got a PPV network to drop the latest Ring of Honor PPV event because the Hardy Boys were there. Now, it looks like the Hardy Boys might have a bigger name calling on their services as reports indicate that the WWE has offered them contracts to return.

The Broken Matt Hardy saga

Impact Wrestling was on the verge of going out of business through most of 2016 and the only thing that wrestling fans were taking note of was the Broken Matt Hardy storyline.

In this angle, Matt and Jeff started working an angle where Matt became broken and started to act strangely, speaking with a British accent, talking about deities guiding him, and eventually breaking Jeff, renaming him Brother Nero. They staged wrestling events at Matt's home and produced some of the highest-rated events for Impact Wrestling in 2016. They even used Matt's wife Reby Sky, his toddler son, and Reby's father, who portrayed Senior Benjamin. Neither Matt's son nor Reby's father was under Impact Wrestling contracts. However, when Jeff and Matt left Impact Wrestling, the company decided to send cease and desist letters, claiming they owned the gimmick.

The WWE and the Hardy Boys

While Matt Hardy reinvented the careers of the Hardy Boys in Impact Wrestling, they owe their entire wrestling success on their stint in the WWE.

Along with the Dudley Boyz and the team of Edge & Christian, the Hardy Boys were part of the greatest era in tag team wrestling history in the WWE. Jeff Hardy has said that their current Ring of Honor contracts are short-term deals, so they have the opening to leave for the WWE if they choose to. If they return to the company, they probably won't be using the Broken Matt gimmick because the WWE won't want the headache of dealing with Impact Wrestling and the threats. However, that doesn't mean that the WWE can't use a form of the gimmick and allow the Hardy Boys to run with it for one last major run in the company that made them stars.