Kyle Korver was originally listed as doubtful for the next Cleveland Cavaliers game, but he will not play tonight. The Cavaliers will host the Indiana Pacers and look to start April on a good note. They finished March with only seven wins and ten losses, and this awful record made them lose the first seed to the Boston Celtics. Tonight, the Cavaliers will play against the Pacers, who are a dangerous team looking for a very important win.

Unfortunately, the Cavaliers won't be able to count on Kyle Korver, and they will need other bench players to step up in his absence.

It will not be an easy game since the Pacers will give their maximum effort in order to get back in the playoff picture.

Korver is getting better, but he's not ready yet

Kyle Korver's injury is not as bad as it was when he suffered it for the first time. That time, Korver missed seven games, and the Cavaliers were 4-3 without him in the lineup. Tonight, the sharpshooter will miss his fourth consecutive game, and his team won only one game during his absence.

With 10.2 points per game on 44.7 percent long-range shooting, Kyle Korver is one of the best shooters in the entire league, and he is the best bench player for the Cleveland Cavaliers. It is not surprising that they play bad without him since he is a key piece of the team and his contributions are invaluable.

Pacers game will be very important

Cleveland Cavaliers are currently one game behind the first-seeded Boston Celtics, and they need a win tonight to stay in the race for the first seed. If the Cavaliers lose tonight, they will be 1.5 games behind, and it is very unlikely they will be able to reclaim the first seed since they will have only six games left on the schedule.

On the other side, the Indiana Pacers dropped to the ninth spot in the conference last night, and they have the same record as the seventh and eighth seed. With a win tonight, they could reach the seventh seed, but a loss would be too costly as they would be 0.5 games behind the last seed, with only five games left in the season. In that case, there would be no room for error for the Pacers, so they will have to use Kyle Korver's absence to their advantage and beat the Cavaliers tonight.