The Cleveland Cavaliers will lose another player to an Injury as the big man Tristan Thompson sprained his right thumb during the last game. It all happened during the third quarter of the game against the Orlando Magic and Thompson will have to miss a few games because of this injury.

The big man did not travel with the team to Boston and he will most likely miss at least two games. It is possible that he will miss the remainder of the regular season, but the Cavaliers are hoping that his injury is not that serious.

Tristan Thompson's streak will come to an end

Tristan Thompson's streak of 447 consecutive played games will come to an end tonight. This was the longest active streak in the NBA as Thompson hadn't missed a game since February 2, 2012. Fortunately, he hasn't had many issues with injuries throughout his career, and that helped him keep the streak alive.

However, it seems that Thompson's injury came at the worst possible time, as the Cleveland Cavaliers will play against the Boston Celtics tonight. These two teams are tied for the first seed in the Eastern Conference and the winner of the game will most likely retain the first seed for the remainder of the season.

Cavaliers keep fighting injuries

This season has been everything but good for the Cleveland Cavaliers as their players have gone through numerous injuries.

This problem still persists and they even lost the player who didn't have injury problems for over five years. Last night, Kyle Korver finally returned to the lineup. However, they lost Tristan Thompson an hour into the game, and it became clear that they are one of the unluckiest teams in the entire league.

With only five games left in the season, the Cavaliers have not secured the first seed and that could be costly in the playoffs.

They are on a mission to defend the championship title this year, but all the injuries they have gone through are making this a very difficult task. A lot of things will depend on the outcome of tonight's game against the Celtics, but there is no doubt that the Cavaliers will miss Tristan Thompson's presence, as he is one of the best rebounders in the NBA.