Cleveland Cavaliers will play their most important game of the regular season tonight as they will square off against the Boston Celtics. LeBron James didn't pay much attention to this game as it's seemingly just another regular-season game for him. Even though he understands the importance of it, he knows that postseason is way more important and that's what he is getting ready for.

There is too much at stake for Cleveland

This is a must-win game for the Cavaliers if they intend to finish the season as the first seed and have home-court advantage in the first three rounds of the playoffs.

At the moment, the Cavaliers have 50 wins and 27 losses, just like the Boston Celtics, and the first seed belongs to the Cavaliers as they won a tiebreaker over Boston.

Both Cleveland and Boston have five more games in the regular season and this is, without any doubt, the most important regular-season game for both teams. Even though the Cavaliers have four playoff opponents left on their schedule after this game, it is not very likely they will lose the first seed if they beat the Celtics. On the other side, the Celtics will play two playoff teams in their last four games of the season, but losing tonight's game could put the first seed out of their reach.

LeBron James doesn't care about the Boston Celtics game

LeBron James doesn't care much about his next game as his focus is solely on the playoffs. "I've been to six straight NBA Finals — I'm the last person to ask about a regular season game," the four-time MVP said when asked to comment about the upcoming game against the Celtics.

There is no doubt that James understands how important this game is, but he also understands that postseason is much more important than the regular season.

As a matter of fact, LeBron's teams were first seed only twice in the past six seasons, yet he managed to reach the finals in all of those seasons, and he also won three championships. This year, the Cleveland Cavaliers might have problems with losing the first seed as they are a much better team at home than they are on the road, but they will most likely once again cruise through the first three rounds of the playoffs.