The NBA brand

In the 2007 film "American Gangster," actor Denzel Washington coined a phrase while playing the character of former drug kingpin Frank Lucas: "brand names, like Pepsi, I stand behind it. I guarantee it. They know that even if they don't know me more than they know the chairman of General Mills." In the case of the NBA logo, this may be a similar situation, considering that it has remained the same since 1969.

The face of the logo speaks

Jerry West is a "Legend." One of the first great NBA players to bless the hardwood is a well respected figure around the league, and that respect has made him the face of the NBA's logo for almost 50 years now.

In a recent interview on NBA TV's show "The Jump" regarding the NBA logo matter, Jerry West stated that he wished the NBA would just change it. That was a strong statement coming from a man with many NBA credentials. He also stated in another interview with Graham Bensinger that he thinks the NBA is in a very embarrassing position, and he wished you could receive royalties for being the logo.

Jordan effect

One of the most intriguing things about the NBA is the many great players it continues to produce. Michael Jordan. The last name speaks for itself. He wasn't just a player, he was a brand. Besides being the most exciting and arguably the greatest NBA player to ever bless the sport, Michael handled business off the court the same as he did on it.

He is the only player to ever have his own clothing and shoe brand. Jordan has been a best-selling sneaker in a very competitive shoe industry for many years, with his own exclusive "Jumpman" logo that resembles the NBA's one of Jerry West with an epic pose. Also, he owns the NBA's Charlotte Hornets franchise and has many major endorsement deals with companies like Hanes.

Mike has shown the world the blueprint to being a successful NBA player, and how the NBA can help provide opportunities To Be much bigger than just that. So why aren't players such as the above mentioned guys being considered for the change?

Team logos

Over the course of time many of these teams saw changing their logos and colors as a form of reinventing.

Whether a franchise picks up an established star or they draft a new one, changing the team's logo is a symbol for that star to know the future is his now. Although the NBA will continue to be a successful organization, is it a fair one? Is it fair to the many other great players that have come along and had just as good of a career as Jerry West?