The Cleveland Browns have one of the worst records of any NFL team since they rejoined the NFL. Part of the reason for their struggles is because of horrible choices in the NFL Draft each year. On multiple occasions, the Browns had more than one first round pick and most of them have not worked out for Cleveland. In the 2017 NFL Draft, the Browns came in with two first round picks and ended up with three first-round choices by the time they were finished. What resulted was one of the best drafts of the year and one that could actually turn the franchise around.

Here is a look at the Browns 2017 NFL Draft grades.

Browns Best Draft Pick

The number one pick in the 2017 NFL Draft for the Cleveland Browns was one that some thought they might trade away but the Browns held onto it nad drafted Myles Garrett, a defensive end out of Texas A&M. Most people expected this and then figured that Cleveland would draft Deshaun Watson with their second first round pick. They didn't. They traded their second pick and ended up grabbing two more players in the first round. However, then they drafted quarterback DeShone Kizer with their first second-round pick and all was well. Kizer is 6-4, 230 pounds, and has a strong arm. The Browns needed a quarterback and they got one on Day 2.

Browns Riskiest Pick

Honestly, the Cleveland Browns were spot-on for most of the 2017 NFL Draft and didn't hit a risky pick until the sixth round. Caleb Brantley is a defensive tackle from Florida. There were plenty of choices there for Cleveland but they drafted Brantley, who actually has a pending charge of battery against a woman.

As a matter of fact, the Browns already said that if the charges look bad as time go on then they will drop him, meaning they wasted a Draft Pick that could have filled another position.

Cleveland 2017 NFL Draft Score

The Cleveland Browns get an easy "A" for the 2017 NFL Draft. They started out by picking the number one player in the draft in Myles Garrett to shore up their pass rush.

Safety Jabrill Peppers will probably be an immediate starter for the defense as well. The third first-round pick was tight end David Njoku, who is raw but is an amazing athlete. Then, the Browns took their quarterback in DeShone Kizer in the second round. The best news is that if Kizer fails, the trade in the first round gave the Browns another first round pick in 2018 as well to try again. Defensive tackle Larry Ogunjobi and offensive tackle Roderick Johnson are also future starters for the Browns. No one added more talent this year in the NFL Draft than the Cleveland Browns.