The Cleveland Cavaliers have broken many records this season, and especially three-point records. On Tuesday night against the young and talented Orlando Magic, Cleveland reached a milestone that they had never reached before. They hit 18 three-pointers against the Magic, putting them over the 1,000 three-pointers mark for the season.

This has only been done twice before by any other team in NBA history. The other teams to do it were the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors with 1,077 made threes, and so far this season the Houston Rockets have made 1,109 triples.

This puts them in the history books; it is also the first time in Cavaliers franchise history that the team has hit this mark of over 1k triples. They recently passed their previous best mark a few weeks ago.

Who's to thank?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are equipped with many great three point shooters and specialists. But who helped the team reach this record the most? Here are the leading shooters concerning three point makes, this season for the Cavs:

1. Kyrie Irving (168)

2. Kevin Love (139)

3. Channing Frye (127)

4. LeBron James (121)

5. Iman Shumpert (93)

Not to mention, Cleveland's two best snipers are not on this list. Those being Kyle Korver and J.R. Smith, who have hit almost 90 three pointers each.

Smith was out with injury for the large portion of this season, and Kyle Korver was traded halfway through the season, while also missing significant time due to injury. But just imagine the records the Cavs could break if these two were able to play the majority of games this season.

Three-point shooting could be a huge weapon in the playoffs

The playoffs are just over a week away, and the Cavaliers are seemingly healthy for the first time this season. This is the most opportune time for Cleveland to be at full health, as it is the most important part of the season.

Coach, Tyronn Lue has rested players in various games so they can be at full health when the postseason comes, and it looks like it has worked, after being banged up earlier in the year.

The Cavaliers already hold the record for most three-pointers made in a playoff game, but with this roster, many more postseason records are reachable for the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by LeBron James.