LeBron James has already established himself as one of the greatest players to ever play in the NBA, and he keeps breaking records set by other all-time greats. Last night, James took the sole possession of the second place on consecutive 10-point games list, surpassing the great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Cleveland Cavaliers won their 50th game of the season, and James once again showed how incredible he is.

LeBron scored 18 points in the game, and he also achieved a triple-double as he added 11 rebounds and 11 assists to his stat line. This was James' 11th triple-double of the season, which is his new career high.

LeBron James' consistency is incredible

Even though scoring 10 points in a game doesn't seem like a big achievement for a superstar, scoring that many points in 788 consecutive games is beyond impressive. Many NBA players aren't consistent enough to score 10 points in a few hundred consecutive games, but LeBron James definitely has what it takes.

Last time James scored less than 10 points in a game was on January 5, 2007. Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Milwaukee Bucks in a 9-point game, and LeBron James only had 8 points. He shot 23.1 percent from the field, making only 3 of his 13 shots and missing all four three-pointers he took. James had 5 rebounds and game-high 9 assists in the game, but he couldn't reach the 10-point mark.

James is chasing Michael Jordan

With 788 consecutive 10-point games, LeBron James now ranks second on this list. Number one belongs to the greatest player of all time, Michael Jordan, and James is trying to break his record. Jordan had a streak of 866 such games, and the Cleveland Cavaliers forward is just one season away from taking over his spot.

Jordan's streak started in 1986 when he scored 19 points off the bench. It was his second season in the league, and he helped his Chicago Bulls defeat the New York Knicks in a blowout game. The streak ended in late 2001 as Jordan, who played for the Washington Wizards, had only 6 points on 2-of-10 shooting. Considering how amazing LeBron James has been during his entire career, there is no doubt that he has a great shot at breaking Michael Jordan's record. He is only 79 games away from becoming the number one, and that is something he could achieve before the end of the next season.