The Cleveland Cavaliers are having a record breaking season from behind the three point arc this year. With the addition of sharpshooter Kyle Korver who is leading the league in three Point Shooting percentage, along with having huge three point shooting depth on their roster, it really is no surprise. It seems that every player on the roster, minus Tristan Thompson and Larry Sanders, have a deadly shot from downtown.

New franchise record

887, that's the amount of three pointers the Cleveland Cavaliers have nailed this season, already the most the team has hit in a single season in franchise history, and they still have 15 games left in the season to add to it.

In Thursday's victory over the Jazz, the Cavs passed their previous record of 880 three point makes, which was set last season during the 2015-16 campaign. They currently have 887 triples, and counting. While the Cavs do shoot the second highest amount of threes per game as a team at 33.9 per game, they shoot the second highest percentage in the league currently at 39.1%. That's a crazy high clip to be shooting as a team, but when you have playmakers like LeBron, Kyrie and Deron Williams able to draw defenders and find shooters like Korver, Frye, Love, Smith and more, it's certainly a recipe for success.

Cleveland own many three point shooting records

The Cavaliers are all over the record books when it comes to shooting from behind the arced line.

They have hit the most threes in a single game in both regular season and postseason history. Setting both those records in the past two seasons. The regular season feat was achieved just a couple of weeks ago, during a 135-130 victory over the Atlanta Hawks, this team connected on 25 three point shots. Passing the previous record of 24 threes in a regular season game by a single team.

25 must be the magic number, because that's the same amount of three pointers they hit in a playoff game during the second round of the 2016 NBA playoffs. Surpassing the previous record of 23 made threes in a playoff game, set by the Golden State Warriors.