LeBron James has dominated the league ever since he got drafted in 2003, and he is still the best basketball player in the world. This season, the four-time MVP is on pace to become the first player in NBA history to Record career highs in rebounds and assists per game, which is another proof of his longevity and consistency.

Even though they are a star-loaded team, the Cleveland Cavaliers depend mostly on James, and they haven't won a single game without him this season. He is still the most valuable player in the league, and he keeps adding incredible achievements to his resume, which is already impressive.

LeBron James is still in his prime

James is averaging 26.0 points, 8.4 rebounds and 8.8 assists per game, and he is very efficient from the floor as he converts 54.2 percent of his shots. His rebounding and assisting averages are career-best, and his field goal percentage is the highest he's ever had while playing for the Cleveland Cavaliers. LeBron is also a great defender and besides posting impressive numbers, he helps his team in many other ways and he's a great team leader.

A lot of NBA players start to decline when they turn 32, but LeBron James seems to only be getting better. His efficiency his one of the best in the NBA and he is also the eighth-best scorer this season. Make no mistake, James is still in his prime and he is still a dominant force.

This could be the best season of LeBron's career

While it's true that the Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled lately and dealt with a lot of problems, they are still defending champions and they still have LeBron James.

This last part is especially important since James flips the switch in the playoffs and becomes even more amazing. If he leads his team to another championship, this will be one of the best seasons of his career, if not the best one.

LeBron has ten triple-doubles this season as well, which is another career-best for him. He keeps doing great things and showing no signs of slowing down.

As long as the Cavaliers have him on the team, they shouldn't be worried about their championship chances. James is more than capable of carrying the team to the NBA finals, and he will most likely do it again this season.