Derrick Rose was hoping to enter NBA free agency and sign a new max contract despite his history of knee injuries. The lights just went dimmer following his season-ending surgery to fix a torn meniscus in his left knee.

Rose had already missed the last two games of the Knicks due to soreness and swelling in his knee. He last played in the Knicks’ win against the Pistons where he poured in 27 points. Despite feeling the discomfort, the 28-year-old didn’t think it was serious. He thought wrong.

Bad timing for D-Rose

Derrick Rose was merely going through the motions of finishing the current season and then see what happens during free agency.

The Knicks are out of the playoff race, and most are concerned on revamp of the franchise.

Rose’s agent, B.J. Armstrong, publicly made it known that the former NBA MVP wanted to return with the Knicks. Tied up to that is the fact that Rose is expecting a rich past. With the new injury, most believe that the Knicks are not going to dangle such.

The same holds true for other teams who have been considering Rose as a Free Agent pickup. If the probability was not that kind before the latest injury, the odds have now ramped up.

Who will take the chance on Rose?

Once Rose recovers from his current setback, he is expected to be considered by some teams. However, teams who do try to converse with him are unlikely to hand him a lucrative deal.

With battered knees, most ballclubs would rather take in younger but promising players than a veteran who could end up being injury-prone moving forward.

With the odds stacked up against him, a temporary recourse for Rose may be to hook up short-term. It may not the numbers he was hoping for but something that could at least keep him in the NBA circle.

It could be a one or two-year deal, depending on how talks go. Despite his young age, his knees may have just fast-forwarded his career. Once he does get up from this setback, Rose may want to make changes to his game – meaning goodbye to his acrobatic and high-risk moves that have taken its toll on his body.