The Washington Redskins are in an odd situation when it comes to deciding who they should pick in the upcoming 2017 NFL draft. The team has enough holes that there is a very live argument about just who the team needs the most. Some believe the franchise should be looking to upgrade the offense with one of the many running backs that will be in this year's draft. Others think the defense needs to be focused on before any other aspect of the team. Who wins the argument likely won't be decided until right before the draft, though there could be hints at what Washington is thinking.

Picking running back only if the Washington Redskins trade for another pick

One of the more popular theories about what the Washington Redskins should do in the draft is that they should only take a running back if they make a trade that gives them two early picks. Even those who believe the team would be well served to get a running back at some point in the early part of the draft, don't want to see the franchise give away the chance to get a top of the line defensive player. Rizzo's Rag is one site that posits the way to manage to improve the defense and get a back is if Kirk Cousins is dealt. The big question there is whether or not he could automatically net the team a first round draft pick.

Considering the San Francisco 49ers are the team most often associated with Cousins, that would be a very good draft pick.

The case for rebuilding the Washington Redskins

When you start thinking about the Washington Redskins trading away Kirk Cousins, most people think about the team giving up on the season. It's hard to see a scenario where the team could replace it's quarterback this late in the offseason.

On the other hand, getting rid of the quarterback and getting a top of the line defensive player and a top of the line running back, it could mean the team will be stronger in the years to come. Fans are going to be upset about making such a move today, but they might be happy when they see the kind of return they can get in the draft.