Ian Kinsler had the opportunity to represent his country on the biggest international stage his sport provides. There wasn't even a problem with him citing Team USA as the better team in a story for The New York Times. He erred greatly, though, when he cited the playing style of his championship game opponent Puerto Rico, as a reason why children should emulate the Americans instead.

Misguided statement

While speaking to The Times, Kinsler delved into a controversial take on baseball. He placed Team USA in stark contrast to Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, two of the team's opponents during the World Baseball Classic.

He stated that he hoped kids are supporting his team's style of play, and not the more exuberant style of play and celebration that hit Latin opponents had displayed during the competition.

It's no secret that the players from Latin countries enjoy a real celebration on the field - there's nothing wrong with that, though. Even if Kinsler thinks there is, however, there is no reason to turn it into an issue of nationalist pride. If anything, the USA second baseman should take a few cues from his international counterparts, as it's their energy that keeps the game exciting during its doldrums.

Taking it to the field

At the end of the day, Kinsler had the opportunity to make his point on the field in the WBC final against Puerto Rico on Wednesday night.

A celebration for the Puerto Rico squad turned quickly to a nightmare as Team USA dominated from the stretch. The second baseman even hit a two-run home homer to start the scoring - he didn't appear to be pumping his fists as he rounded the bases in the Americans' 8-0 win.

Team USA was victorious largely due to the contributions of starting pitcher Marcus Stroman.

He pitched six innings without giving up a hit, setting the team up for victory. The irony? Stroman's heritage traces back to Puerto Rico; no word on whether or not Kinsler was upset when Stroman celebrated and shimmied coming off the mound after every successful inning.