When Nebraska Football's Nate Gerry eventually gets drafted, it appears he might still have a hard time finding a landing spot on an NFL roster. Even though Gerry is a physical specimen, it appears there are some doubts as to whether or not he can play the safety position at a high level. On Thursday, one of the stars of the Nebraska defense reported to the NFL scouting combine and it has become apparent that if he wants to have a career at the next level, it's going to at least start from a place in which he needs to prove himself.

Coverage problems

According to NFL.com, one scout certainly had positive to say about the former Nebraska football player. Lance Zierlein called Gerry "rocked up" meaning he clearly has the build and the strength of an NFL type safety. The scout also said there was very little doubt Gerry could play near the line of scrimmage and was adequate when it comes to zone coverage.

Unfortunately, the beloved Nebraska player struggles with the reactive ability that is going to be very helpful in man to man coverage. The scout went on to say that lack of reactive ability is also going to create some "inconsistencies" when it comes to open field tackling for the former Nebraska football star.

Special teams is where Gerry might shine

While it appears Gerry might have played his last game as a starting safety at Nebraska, the scout was quick to make it clear he could have an NFL career as someone who could fill the fourth or fifth safety spot. Called "very instinctive" by the same scout, Gerry has an "urgent play demeanor." This means that he's got a nose for the ball and is always looking to make the big hit to take the opposition down.

The ceiling for what the former Nebraska football player is going to get when it comes to playing time in the NFL is as a "consistent special teams contributor."

While that doesn't sound like high praise, it should be pointed out there have been plenty of former Nebraska players that have had good careers starting out on special teams. Rex Burkhead, might be the most recent example of someone who went from 3rd or 4th running back and special teams player, to a guy who could earn a starting or first backup job this offseason.