One of the big arguments against Mike Riley since he took over the Nebraska Football program, is that he's done less with more. Those who haven't been fond of the start to his Husker career have said that there is more talent than what he has shown as head coach. While that might be an argument that is hard to win, no matter which side of it you're on, one indicator that it might not be true is the number of Huskers who have been drafted in the last few years. A new mock draft for the upcoming spring seems to indicate once again that there really isn't a ton of NFL talent on the Cornhuskers' roster.

A seventh rounder

A mock draft which was recently published on Bleacher Report certainly doesn't paint the Nebraska football team in a favorable light. In that Mock Draft, put out by Matt Miller, there is just one Cornhusker who gets drafted at all. Safety Nate Gerry is that Husker and he ends up going in the seventh round. That's especially disheartening when talking about a player that was expected to have a very big 2016 season. Instead, Gerry missed the first game of the year thanks to violating team rules, and had a rather mediocre season the rest of the way. He finished his season by being suspended yet again and missing the team's bowl game.

One name left off

One player that has been left out of the mock draft that might raise some eyebrows is, of course, wide receiver Jordan Westerkamp.

Over the course of his career, Westerkamp transformed himself into one of the most dependable receivers in college football when he was on the field. One problem is that he also battled injuries over the course of his career and that included missing a couple of games and playing others banged up in his senior year.

There is also the little issue of having a quarterback in Tommy Armstrong who simply could not get him the ball on a consistent basis.

The Nebraska football team would have been quite a bit worse if Westerkamp had never come through here, but it appears that NFL teams aren't exactly lining up for his services. Of course, it's possible that the mock draft is way off, but it's not a good sign for Husker fans who thought more talent lined this roster.