Buffalo Bills running back Fred Jackson graduated from division 3 school Co College in 2003. He played on various football teams, including the Sioux City Bandits and Rhein Fire, before someone finally gave him a shot in the NFL. Buffalo was glad they were the ones who did, and received a productive player who gave maximum effort on every single play.

Fred Jackson in Buffalo

Jackson played from 2006 to 2014 with Buffalo. Along the way, he had to compete for playing time with other running backs like Marshawn Lynch and C.J. Spiller. But Freddie never lost his competitive drive and always earned every second of playing time received during the year.

The Bills veteran had what was probably his best year in 2013, when he had more than 1200 yards from scrimmage and scored ten touchdowns. That was only four years ago. In 2015, under the tenure of head coach Rex Ryan, Jackson was cut from the team.

Jackson on the Seahawks

Fred Jackson was signed by the Seattle Seahawks in 2015 and helped contribute to the Seahawks rushing attack. But it wasn't the same. Jackson wasn't nearly as productive as he had been for Buffalo and certainly wasn't anywhere close to the focal point for the team. After 2015, Fred Jackson couldn't find any team in the NFL willing to sign him for the 2016 season. Despite the year off, the 36 year old running back has expressed his desire to continue playing in 2017.

Wants to Retire as a Buffalo Bill

Fred Jackson has made no secret of the fact that he wants to retire as a Bill. They were the team that gave him his first shot. The city of Buffalo loves him and he loves the city right back. What better way to end his career than with a flourish on the same team that he played a majority of his career with?

Heart says yes, mind says no

As a Bills fan, it's impossible to not root for the man who never gives up and gives 100% effort on every single play. Jackson deserves to retire as a Bill and he deserves all the accolades he receives from the city of Buffalo. However, the Bills shouldn't sign the 36 year old back. He's slowing down and is no longer the player he once was.

The Bills rushing game is already the best in the league behind LeSean McCoy. It would be nice to see Jackson retire as a Bill, but in the current climate there's no reason for the team to sign him to a full year deal.