The Green Bay Packers landed some top Free Agents this offseason. While their tight end situation seems to be solid in new adds Lance Kendricks and Martellus Bennett, they should go after some key free agents that can help them fix their weak spots, especially their defensive holes. Here are some free agents the team should try to snag.

Adrian Peterson

With the loss of Eddie Lacy and the Minnesota Vikings just signing running back Latavius Murray to a new contract that leaves Adrian Peterson looking for a new home. In 10 years with the NFL, Peterson has 97 touchdowns and close to 12,000 yards.

In 2015, he played like a rookie fresh out of college with his 1485 rushing yards. This guy still has much life left in him and can give the Packers that rushing edge that they now need.

Zach Brown

With Zach Brown getting some serious looks and meeting with the Oakland Raiders and the Indianapolis Colts, Green Bay’s general manager Ted Thompson needs to start putting in an offer for Brown. The linebacker is a steal in every way. The Buffalo Bills added him to their defense last year and saw a guy who more than exceeded expectations. He ended the 2016 season with almost 100 tackles, 52 assists, and four sacks. Why Buffalo did not try harder to keep him is a mystery. This is an athlete that can start for the Packers straight.

The Packers’ defense gave up too many yards and got burned on deep plays last season. The sting of losing Micah Hyde would not be so bad if Zach can step in and act like a menace on the field.

Johnathan Hankins

The young defensive tackle Johnathan Hankins is a good match for Green Bay. If not for their soft defense last year, the world could have seen a much-desired Super Bowl match-up: Aaron Rodgers versus Tom Brady.

However, the Packer defense let the NFC Championship slip away. Hence, Hankins could be a cornerstone that the team needs. He is big at over 300 pounds and can be a consistent sacking machine. His 43 tackles last year are more than optimal.

Perhaps, Ted Thompson will grab one of these guys before it’s too late. Time to make some free agent deals.