With the loss of the all-purpose safety and cornerback Micah Hyde to the Buffalo Bills and Eddie Lacy to the Seattle Seahawks, Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers need to fill some major holes in their team in free agency. Is owner Ted Thompson going to add more free agents like Martellus Bennett and Lance Kendricks or just wait for the NFL 2017 draft? Here are some free agency moves that Thompson can make for his team.

Replacing Eddie Lacy

Running back Eddie Lacy has been a workhorse for the Packers. Knowing the veteran rusher is now with the Packer’s NFC rival the Seattle Seahawks in a one year deal puts some pressure on Green Bay.

In his four years with the team, Lacy racked up close to 3500 yards and 23 touchdowns. Who else is free to replace Lacy? The Buffalo Bills’ Mike Gillislee is a possibility. He is solid one-two punch runner and could help the team. Will Thompson sign Jamaal Charles or Adrian Peterson to a new deal? They are all available for some new contracts. The Patriots’ LaGarrette Blount is another option for the Packers, his power running a great compliment to Aaron Rodgers' strong arm.

Some safety help

The loss of Micah Hyde to the Buffalo Bills did not have to happen. In his first press conference with the Buffalo Bills, Hyde told journalists that he was not even given an offer by the Packers organization.

Green Bay can fight fire with fire by signing the former Bills’ Corey Graham or Aaron Williams to the safety positions. Both of these players are skilled and hard-working players who can add much to the team. They are solid in many areas, such as passes defended, interceptions, and tackles.

A back-up for Aaron Rodgers?

Currently, only Brett Hundley is the back-up for Rodgers.

If quarterback Aaron Rodgers cannot keep working his Hail Mary magic, then these are some free agents Thompson should pick up. Current free agent quarterbacks are Jay Cutler, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Colin Kaepernick. These contracts would not break the bank and could help the team if Rodgers gets injured. Fitzpatrick passed for 4000 yards in 2015. If Thompson can cut Fitzpatrick’s interception rate in half, then he may be a good fit with the team.

Will Ted Thompson kick up his heels or sign some of these free agents? Only time will tell.