Goran Dragic had a fantastic game against the New Orleans Pelicans last night, as he scored 33 points and led the Miami Heat to a big win. Despite swollen right eye, the 30-year old guard did a great job in his return, and this was one of the most efficient games of his entire career.

Miami Heat were up by 8 points when the final buzzer sounded off, and they started their 5-game home stand on a positive note. During the game, Goran Dragic received MVP chants from the crowd as everyone in the building recognized his effort.

Goran Dragic is MVP of Miami Heat

While his stats are not good enough to be considered one of the NBA MVP candidates, Goran Dragic is certainly MVP of his team. Miami Heat are 1-8 without Dragic this season, and there is no doubt that he is the most valuable player in Miami. Without him, Heat offense just isn't as efficient as it is when he runs it, and they definitely miss his presence on the floor.

Dragic is averaging career-high 20.4 points per game, and he is the best three-point shooter among point guards with 42.7 percent success rate. The Slovenian guard has taken his game to the next level and the entire team benefits from it. Those MVP chants are just another proof how much fans love Goran Dragic, and he is giving his best to get the Miami Heat into the playoffs this year.

Dragic thought of Dwyane Wade when he heard MVP chants

Dwyane Wade is no longer on the Miami Heat, but his legacy will never be forgotten. When Goran Dragic was asked what it felt like to hear those chants, the 30-year old guard said, "Like D-Wade was here," as he immediately looked around to see if his former teammate is on the floor.

During his time in Miami, Wade frequently received MVP chants from the crowd, and it's unusual that someone else is receiving them now.

Undoubtedly, Goran Dragic deserves love and respect from the fans as he has done an incredible job for the Heat this season. With 14 games left on the schedule, Dragic and rest of the squad will give their best to make the playoffs and give Miami Heat fans, even more reasons to cheer for them.