The latest New England Patriots rumors claim that cornerback Darrelle Revis might be headed back to his old team. If those rumors are indeed true, this is more than simply a kind of old home week acquisition. This kind of free agent signing is the kind that could allow for the team to get just a little bit better as they appear to be gearing up for another championship run. The team has already made their offense quite a bit better, the signing of Revis would upgrade the defense at least a little bit.

New England Patriots still have to convince Revis to come back

All of the rumors that are floating around the NFL do have the one caveat that the cornerback would need to be willing to play again in 2017. So far, the New England Patriots have only said their door is open if Revis wants to walk through it. There has been no announcement from the player he will indeed be coming back for another season. There are other rumors that playing for the New York Jets and going through some rather poor seasons have made the game of football just a little less attractive. Playing in New England, for a team geared up for another Super Bowl victory could bring the fun back in a pretty big way. There is of course, the chance his body simply won't let him come back and play at the level he's accustomed to either.

Definite spot on the New England Patriots roster

It's a no-brainer that the team does indeed have a spot on the roster. The question now is where that spot might end up being. There has been quite a bit of talk that Malcolm Butler is going to be moved, or move on by himself. The New England Patriots have offered Butler a restricted free agent contract that is rich enough it doesn't seem likely another team will match the offer sheet.

The Pats could still trade him to someone like the Saints. As NESN points out, there is a rather steep dropoff from the starters to the backups. Darrelle Revis could indeed find himself in the starting lineup rather quickly, if he's in game shape and ready to go.