When the Ravens proposed a rule that would reward accurate kickoffs, fans and a majority of the NFL laughed. The Ravens have one of the best kickers in the league in Justin Tucker, and would likely benefit the most from such a policy. Baltimore suggested that kickers receive one point for kicking a ball through the uprights on kickoffs. Now it looks like the Ravens have a supporter in the Washington Redskins.

Redskins Support Rule Change.

Washington doesn't completely agree with the Ravens on the value of a new rule rewarding kickoffs. Instead of a point, the Redskins would like to see the line of scrimmage moved back to the 20 yard line for those kickoffs that are blasted through the uprights.

The five yards would be less of a benefit than the point initially proposed by the Ravens, but it would reward those teams with kickers who have the ability to kick the ball further.

Dustin Hopkins.

The Redskins have a quality kicker in Dustin Hopkins who contributed a lot to the team on offense. Hopkins made three 50 yard field goals in 2016 and certainly has the distance to take advantage of a rule change like this. The Redskins would probably love a rule like this, but there are definitely teams that would not benefit.

Would Rest of the NFL Accept this Rule Change?

The Redskins and Ravens might be in favor of a rule that rewards kickers for long distance, but a majority of the NFL probably would not.

The quantity of kickers who are both accurate and long is in limited supply, and only a few choice teams would be willing to accept the change, even if it meant only five yards in field position.

Still, the NFL has been looking for a way to add more excitement to kickoffs without injuries, and this could be that way. If the rule is implemented, the kicker position will become more important and the Redskins will benefit from the advantage of gained field position.

For now, all the Redskins can do is continue to improve their team around quarterback Kirk Cousins through key free agent signings.