The New England Patriots are apparently already looking to make sure the rest of the NFL knows they want another championship. Arguably the greatest dynasty in NFL history appears to have made the move that will remove the arguments once and for all. New England managed to pull off a trade for the most sought after receiver of the off-season in Brandin Cooks.

The Patriots were able to pull off the trade late Friday afternoon and got the impact receiver the team has been missing the last few years. While Julian Edelman has managed to make do within the offense, he doesn't have the sheer raw talent Cooks does as a receiver.

New England Patriots' acquisition of Brandin Cooks makes them the 2017 favorite

Cooks has put up some big numbers in a short period of time as a receiver in the NFL. New England beat out teams like the Philadelphia Eagles who were looking to get the receiver though they weren't willing to give up what the New Orleans Saints wanted in return.

Because the New England Patriots are not a team that builds through the draft all that often, they're perfectly fine giving up what was asked of them in the trade. The team is already the defending Super Bowl champion. With this talent acquisition, it's likely they will be considered the best team in the league when the 2017 season kicks off.

New England Patriots got themselves a steal

Perhaps the best news for fans of the franchise is that when it comes right down to it, the price they paid for Brandin Cooks is relatively small. The team did give up their first round pick, but that was just 32nd, so it's likely the impact of that pick will be somewhat mitigated.

According to NECN, the team also gave up their 103rd overall pick.

In return, the Saints sent Cooks, as well as their 118th overall pick. In other words, Tom Brady and company got a receiver who is better than a first round pick and only lost about 15 spots in the later rounds. The only real question now is why the Saints were so willing to part with Brandin Cooks.