The Nebraska Football team got some bad news earlier this weekend but it also got a bit of good news as a follow-up. While the team's top running back target announced he was going to Oklahoma, there is a chance the Huskers can carry out a Plan B.

The one big drawback of this particular Plan B means that Nebraska is going to have to wait a little while if Kirby Allen keeps his word. The three-star running back took to Twitter to announce he had narrowed down his list to a top seven. He also announced when he was going to narrow that list down again, to the school he'll commit to.

The top seven for Bennet and Nebraska football

Kirby Bennett announced the schools he is officially still considering and Nebraska football fans should be pleased the Huskers are the only Big Ten team in the list. There's no overcoming Ohio State or Michigan here. That doesn't mean it's going to be an easy road from now until Nebraska gets Bennett's commit. Several schools on the list have been recruiting rivals of the Huskers for the last few years.

Bennett announced that along with Nebraska, he is still considering the Florida State Seminoles, the UCLA Bruins, Oregon Ducks, Tennessee Volunteers, Auburn Tigers and Colorado Buffaloes. You might notice that there is a distinct West Coast bent to the list.

A good portion of that is because Bennett is from Las Vegas. It also shows the Huskers are going to have their work cut out in order to pull him from that region.

Bennett has a commitment date set

For those who are hoping Bennett might be announcing he's joining the Nebraska football team soon, patience is going to be key. The three-star running back recruit has said he isn't going to be announcing his choice until December.

The back is rated as the sixth-best player in the state of Nevada and the 26th best running back in the 2018 class. That means that while Bennett isn't exactly a replacement for Pledger, he's plenty good. Bennett has also said that he is going to be making his announcement through Bleacher Report. The Nebraska football team will have to wait for a while to get the final report.